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Understanding the “Do You Love Me?” Code – A Simple tkinter GUI Application

Understanding the “Do You Love Me?” Code

The provided code is a simple implementation of a tkinter GUI application that asks the user if they love the creator of the application. Let’s break down the code and understand its functionality.

Code Explanation

The code starts by importing the necessary modules, tkinter and messagebox, from the tkinter library. It then defines a function named “move_no_button” which is triggered when an event occurs.

Within the “move_no_button” function, the x and y coordinates of the “no_button” are randomly generated to move it to a new position on the screen. This function is used to move the “no_button” whenever it is clicked.

The “show_question” function is defined next. It uses the messagebox module to display a question asking if the user loves the creator. The user’s response is stored in the “answer” variable.

Based on the user’s response, the code displays an appropriate message using the messagebox module. If the answer is “yes”, it displays “I love you too!” and if the answer is “no”, it displays “Oh, that’s too bad…”.

The main part of the code creates a tkinter window, sets its title, and retrieves the screen width and height. It also defines the width and height of the buttons used in the GUI.

The “yes_command” and “no_command” functions are defined to display the appropriate message when the “yes” or “no” buttons are clicked, respectively.

A label with the text “Do you love me?” is created and packed into the window. Two buttons, “yes” and “no”, are also created, packed, and associated with their respective command functions.

The “no_button” is bound to the “move_no_button” function, so whenever it is clicked, the button will move to a new random position on the screen.

The code then enters the main event loop using the “root.mainloop()” function, which keeps the GUI application running until the user closes the window.


The provided code demonstrates a simple tkinter GUI application that asks the user if they love the creator and displays different messages based on their response. It also includes a feature to randomly move the “no” button when clicked. Feel free to modify and enhance the code according to your requirements.

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