Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is a popular virtual keyboard app for mobile devices. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Here are some key features and information about SwiftKey:

  1. Predictive Text and Autocorrect: One of the main features of SwiftKey is its advanced predictive text capabilities. The keyboard learns from your typing habits and suggests words and phrases as you type. It also provides autocorrection suggestions to help improve typing accuracy.
  2. Personalization: SwiftKey allows users to personalize their typing experience by learning from their writing style, including commonly used words, phrases, and emojis. The app can sync personalization data across devices if you sign in with a Microsoft account.
  3. Multilingual Support: SwiftKey supports multiple languages and offers a seamless way to switch between them. This is particularly useful for multilingual users who communicate in more than one language.
  4. Themes and Customization: The app offers various themes and customization options, allowing users to change the appearance of the keyboard to suit their preferences.
  5. Glide Typing: SwiftKey supports glide typing, also known as swipe typing. Users can slide their fingers across the keyboard to input words instead of tapping individual keys.
  6. Emoji Prediction: The keyboard includes emoji prediction, suggesting relevant emojis based on the context of your conversation.
  7. Cloud Sync: If you sign in with a Microsoft account, SwiftKey can sync your personalization data, such as learned words and typing style, across multiple devices.
  8. Accessibility Features: SwiftKey includes features to enhance accessibility, such as larger keys and spoken feedback.

Please note that features and information about apps can change over time, and there may have been updates or changes to Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard since my last update in January 2022. If you have specific questions or if there have been new developments, I recommend checking the official app store listings or the official SwiftKey website for the latest information.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard: Advantages and Disadvantages

Here’s a breakdown of the good and the not-so-good of Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard:


  • Predictive typing: SwiftKey boasts some of the best predictive text and autocorrect features, thanks to its AI-powered language models. It learns your typing patterns and adapts to your style, minimizing typos and offering seamless word suggestions.
  • Multilingual support: Switch between multiple languages on the fly without changing keyboard settings. SwiftKey supports over 400 languages, making it a great choice for multilingual users.
  • Customization: Personalize your typing experience with a variety of themes, layouts, and keyboard sizes. You can even create custom themes with your own photos.
  • Gifs and emoji integration: Express yourself with a vast library of GIFs and emojis readily accessible within the keyboard.
  • Cross-platform syncing: Seamlessly sync your typing data and customizations across different devices (Android, iOS, Windows) linked to your Microsoft account.
  • Enhanced security: SwiftKey offers optional keyboard encryption to protect your sensitive information like passwords and credit card details.


  • Battery drain: The AI features and background learning processes can consume more battery compared to simpler keyboards.
  • Privacy concerns: Some users might be concerned about the amount of data SwiftKey collects for its personalization features.
  • Steeper learning curve: The advanced features and customization options might be overwhelming for some users who prefer a more basic keyboard experience.
  • Potential glitches: Like any software, SwiftKey can occasionally experience bugs or glitches that might affect its performance.
  • Limited offline functionality: Some features, like emoji suggestions, require an internet connection to work.


Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is a powerful and versatile option for users who value accuracy, personalization, and advanced features. However, its potential battery drain, privacy considerations, and learning curve might be drawbacks for some users.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a smart and customizable keyboard that can adapt to your typing style, SwiftKey is definitely worth a try. But if you prioritize simplicity and privacy, a more basic keyboard might be a better fit.

I hope this information helps you decide whether Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is the right choice for you!

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